Make a Donation to our COVID-19 Relief Fund! image

Make a Donation to our COVID-19 Relief Fund!

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The cultural community has been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic shutdown. We know that many musicians, artists, street performers, and traditional culture bearers are still struggling to access resources due to lack of documentation, awareness, capacity limitations, or other roadblocks. MaCCNO is committed to helping all members of our cultural community get access to needed resources during this unprecedented challenge, including with our own Low Barrier Mini-grants. Because those most in need of aid often have the most difficulty accessing it, our grant process is set up so that people can apply themselves, but also refer others. To ensure we are reaching as many people as possible, we are also directly reaching out to members of the cultural community and cultural organizations to see if they know anyone in need of assistance.

Your donation will be used to help provide mini-grants to members of the cultural community that are currently on our waiting list, as well as allow us to connect each grantee to additional aid opportunities.